Friday, October 17, 2008

inspired... kinda

My friend Pam has great taste, as well as being a pretty awesome human being. She has this penchant towards all things white. And not in a racist way, but a decorative color way. :)

She's the queen of organization. Kinda makes me feel second rate when I walk into her beautifully organized and decorated home. Even Brooklyn, their golden retriever, is white.

Anyway, I was referring to Pam because she's pushing herself to blog more often. To blog about everyday occurrences, not just those special little moments. I feel like if I have to wait and only blog about those special little moments, I'm never going to blog! So I'm taking a cue from Pam and I'm really going to try to blog a bit more often. I'm often told that if someone wants to know something about me that they have to read my blog or my Myspace page. I say, just ask me... or read all about it here. :)

Let me leave you with a few photos from China. These were taken on my cell. I still haven't organized my camera photos. One day, I promise.This is their typical bottled water delivery method. Crazy, huh? Not just to small shops, but to the airports as well. As we were approaching the Shanghai airport I saw one guy with 10 bottles on his motorcycle. You ask where the 10th bottle was situated? Between his arms. Yes!
I loved seeing the kids in these traditional baskets. You saw women using them in the larger cities as well as the smaller ones. This was snapped in a Toys r Us in Beijing. As we walked around, we saw a couple in their late teens playing with a karaoke type of toy, the guy had the best laugh. I tried getting him on video, but he stopped before I was able to switch over.
I now say adieu with one of the many signs I was able to capture. I loved coming across some of these signs. They made me chuckle each time. Remember... "Protect the nature. Please use less paper."

Have an awesome weekend!


Shelley E said...

great pictures! :) I love the protect the nature.... LOL

Temeculamom said...

Yeah, Pam's house makes me feel that way too! But also inspired by her sense of style. Glad you're blogging more. I've been remiss about it. You are such a tease with your few China photos! Love seeing that baby basket!