Friday, September 12, 2008

china or bust...

... Is what my suitcase reads.

See you in 17 days. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures. :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

countdown to china is on

Holy Smokes! This is actually happening. We're actually going to China!

Since the "let's go to China" talk started, I thought, "Ok, something may prevent us from going, but I'm still DAMN excited about the possibility." Then as the time started to draw closer and things were going as planned, I started to let my mind wander and really start to get excited, but I always managed to reel it in. I tend to go over pending events over and over in my mind, then that's all I can think of. I become extremely focused on the event and the days go by soooo s-l-0-w. I've managed to push the China trip to the back of head, but it would surface every few days. Now that the trip is right around the corner, I'm starting to feel the pre-trip anxiety of "will I be able to get everything that needs to get done?" lol All trip related plans are done. Now it's just packing and deciding if I prefer to hassle with heavier luggage and pack the clothes I want, or keep it to lighter luggage and only a few outfits. What a dilemma! ;-) We'll be visiting Beijing, Yichang, The Yangtze River, Chongqing, Xi'an, & Shanghai. Ain't that a mouthful?!

I guess it's about time I posted the video of my fall into Angel Creek in Phantom Ranch, on our Grand Canon trip.