Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Turkey Day Blahs

Well not all days were blah, just most.

Friday was a huge blur. My crazy ass sister and sister-in-law decided the were going to fight the mass throngs of Day After Thanksgiving Day Sale revelers. Yeap, they were nuts. My sister-in-law has two little girls, C & S. Since shopping on Friday was going to be utter chaos I agreed to watch my nieces while they went shopping.
(Tangent... How the hell can a 1 1/2 year old toss and turn non-stop for 4 freaking hours and wake up looking like a beauty queen with a halo of prefectly
coiffed curls? I just don't get it. I barely turn on my side and I wake up with a frizz ball as a head.) I spent the rest of the day in a post tryptophan haze. z z z zz zzzzz Oh wait, I did bake 96, yes 96 pecan square cookies for a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party I was attending Satuday.

Saturday woke up rested and watched TV most of the morning. :) Gotta love cartoons. Attended the afore mentioned
Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. It was ummm, cute. Got some awesome cookies and some not so quite awesome. As a matter of fact I think one of the cookie batches someone made was still raw. uugghh! I wouldn't doubt it because it's the same girl that showed p two freaking hours late!

Sunday was another blur of a day. I realized that I can't get much "work" done around the house when I watch tv. Watched six episodes of Inked. Each time I go to Vegas I plan on getting a new tattoo, but as you can imagine gambling and drinking always manage to keep me occupied. I love Inked, the cast is funny. I did manage to also watch a holiday craft show that inspired me to get my ass down to Michael's Arts and Crafts. I'm planning on making some cute tabletop sparkly snowmen.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thought I'd place a photo of myself on here. I really need to learn how to modify this page a bit more. I guess I have some HTML reading in my near future.