Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Turkey Day Blahs

Well not all days were blah, just most.

Friday was a huge blur. My crazy ass sister and sister-in-law decided the were going to fight the mass throngs of Day After Thanksgiving Day Sale revelers. Yeap, they were nuts. My sister-in-law has two little girls, C & S. Since shopping on Friday was going to be utter chaos I agreed to watch my nieces while they went shopping.
(Tangent... How the hell can a 1 1/2 year old toss and turn non-stop for 4 freaking hours and wake up looking like a beauty queen with a halo of prefectly
coiffed curls? I just don't get it. I barely turn on my side and I wake up with a frizz ball as a head.) I spent the rest of the day in a post tryptophan haze. z z z zz zzzzz Oh wait, I did bake 96, yes 96 pecan square cookies for a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party I was attending Satuday.

Saturday woke up rested and watched TV most of the morning. :) Gotta love cartoons. Attended the afore mentioned
Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. It was ummm, cute. Got some awesome cookies and some not so quite awesome. As a matter of fact I think one of the cookie batches someone made was still raw. uugghh! I wouldn't doubt it because it's the same girl that showed p two freaking hours late!

Sunday was another blur of a day. I realized that I can't get much "work" done around the house when I watch tv. Watched six episodes of Inked. Each time I go to Vegas I plan on getting a new tattoo, but as you can imagine gambling and drinking always manage to keep me occupied. I love Inked, the cast is funny. I did manage to also watch a holiday craft show that inspired me to get my ass down to Michael's Arts and Crafts. I'm planning on making some cute tabletop sparkly snowmen.

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