Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm in love...with a French General. ;-)

Yep, you heard me right, I'm in love with a French General. Well ok, in love with the store French General. This tiny little store will overwhelm your senses with it's fabulous colors and scents.

We headed down to LA, I guess I should say we headed up to LA, Saturday for an afternoon of shopping. Our first stop was the above mentioned French General. First off, this is a total destination store, there's no way this little tucked away store can rely on someone just driving by. Unless you knew what you were looking for you'd never find this little paradise of a building. Oh by the way, you have a clear view of the Hollywood sign from it's entrance. The building is small; however, it has enough stuff to keep you looking for hours. Unfortunately we arrived just as they were closing their back room for a jewelry class. That was a major bummer since I was in the market for some unique chunky beads. We had a total of three minutes back there, not even enough time for a quick overview of the room. The rest of the store was lovely. The fabrics were so amazingly beautiful. I'm ready to take up sewing so I have a reason (i.e. excuse) to buy these fabrics. The textiles ranged from a linen color to deep reds. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. The soy candles infused with esseantial oils smelled heavenly. I purchased the milk thistle one...yum! Can't wait to light it.
I also bought some clear glass flower buttons. Unsure what exactly I'm going to do with them, probably use them in a bauble bracelet.

Pam bought a tin of these vintage glass pearl beaded flowers. We all were able to buy one from her. Yippee.

Ellie bought a card of some sparkly clear buttons as well and let us buy some from her as well. Unfortunately this image doesn't do them justice.

I'm bummed I didn't buy some of the fabric remnants. I have a few LO ideas running through my head. that would have looked good with the fabric.

After visiting the Franch General we headed over to Sweetpeas and Snapshots..."where your creativity blossoms". A cute shabby chic scrap store that also has a room for crops and they host some uber cute tea parties. I was hoping to see some more vintage embellishments, per their website, but that was kind of lacking for me. It was also quite warm in the store, unsure if they don't have air con or if it was broken. I did find the Technique Tuesday's Funcuation stamps, something I had been wanting to purchase. Also picked up some cute black and white ribbon, along with some large chipboard flowers.

Oh wait, before arriving at Sweetpeas and Snapshots we were looking...for several miles...for a place to eat. It was quite funny. We couldn't find a place to eat that was on our side of the street. Ugh. lol We finally settled on a Taco Bell, as it turns out it's an outdoor Taco Bell which was quite noisy. But fun nonetheless.

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