Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bowling, oktoberfest, & invite making

That's what consumed my weekend.

Friday evening we decided to finally go bowling, and we picked Westminster Lanes. We had been thinking about it for quite awhile now, but always opted to do other things instead. So off we were, with our enthusiasm and our backpack crammed with "illegal" drinks. :) illegal = homemade margaritas We decided to go one their "Rock and Bowl" night. Which includes unlimited bowling between 9pm-1am, loud music and a lively crowd. The bowling price was good considering you can play as may games as you want. The price is $16.00 person and a shoe rental fee of $4.00, so basically $20.00 a person. You have to have a minimum of four people per lane to have the lane to yourselves. If not, you run the risk of sharing a lane with strangers. They gave us our own lane even though there were only two of us, but she did say that if they did sell out, we'd be moved and have to share. We ended up bowling eight frickin' games. Yeah, no wonder my thumb was sore and aching to stop. This was nothing like Wii bowling. lol

Speaking of Wii bowling, we did some Wii bowling at my sister's. Saturday night she hosted an Oktoberfest get together. Really it was more of a "Come on over, we have brats and beer. And Wii!" gathering. That was fun. Michael, my sister's husband, got nailed in the elbow by his sister as we played a foursome of Wii tennis. I like to watch people play Wii boxing. The controls on that game seem to suck, but it's funny watching people play.

Sunday was a low-key day. We caught up on our presidential debates that had been sitting on Tivo for a while. We watched a documentary called Up theYangtze which followed two teens as they worked on a cruise ship that sails the Yangtze. Which happens to be the same ship we sailed on. :) Caught up on Dexter. All along I was making these invites for my mom's surprise 60th bday party. This invite is a bit unfinished. I went on to ink it a bit more as well as added some parenthesis stamps on the ends of "fiesta".

Well that's about it. How was your weekend?


Shelley E said...

wow- you are busy...I love watching my kids play on the boxing WII-it is so funny!

Love your invites!

Temeculamom said...

Wow! It sounds like you have so many fun things happening lately. I'm so glad. The invites are so cute. And bowling sounds like a blast. Brats and beer is also a good invite to get. I seems as though your family is doing a lot together, which is great. I've done some wii bowling, but it is NOT prep for the real deal.