Thursday, October 09, 2008

$8.10 S&H for a $1 item. Really?

So does Paper Zone really think they can get away with charging $8.10 for a $1 sale item? Really? Really? Show me a person that would pay that price. Please.

I wonder how many sales they've lost because of their ridiculous S&H prices?

I received an email from Paper Zone advertising some card & Valentine kits for $1 each. I perused their website and decided on a few items, fair prices, not great, but fair. I added a few kits, some Cutter Bee scissors, and an ink pad for a total of $21.98. I then hit the S&H calculation button. $13.18. Really? $13.18 for those few items. I thought it was too much, and mind you, none of the items were heavy. I then removed the scissors and ink pad from my cart and recalculated the S&H. $12.41. They're charging me $12.41 for paper, not a lot of paper either. I still thought it was ridiculous. No where on their site does it give you a breakdown of S&H charges. Hmm, I wonder why?

I proceeded to remove each item 'til I only had one small card kit left. One kit. Once small kit. One small, light, card kit. It's listed for only $1.00. One measly dollar. S&H is $8.10 on that one small, light, card kit.

Bite me Paper Zone.


Shelley E said...

Really?? I was on their site today too, and saw the $1.00 kits- I guess I won't be buying any of those either!

Temeculamom said...

I'm with you on the expensive shipping. Turns me off immediately.