Friday, February 29, 2008

Etsy will be the end of me.

I can't seem to separate myself from Etsy. I just love, Love, LOVE so many of the artists. Ugh. My pocketbook is going to revolt soon.

I love Kelly Rae Roberts collages. I recently purchased In Her Hands and Heart by Heart, both are birthday presents for my sisters. Uh, hoping they don't read this.

Today I purchased some chic date tags, scalloped journaling circles, 2008 calendar tags, lined journaling circles, happy birthday/party tags, and some doodled heart tags. I'm hoping once I get these puppies in my hand, I'll be inspired to scrap more.

I'm really digging dazeychic's prints as well, very simplistic and clean. Her Little Trio, Be Still, Bliss in Red, Tickled Pink, and Anything But. All very pretty.

I'm contemplating 2 Beige, One Grey Flower by Heavens Earth. I figure if it's still there in another day or two, it was meant to be mine. If not, I'll just kick myself later.

On a side note:
I'm finding myself drawn to dandelion clock images more and more often.

Gotta jet, work calls.

Hoping everyone has a relaxing weekend!


Shelley E said...

great links do you find this stuff? I think I am going to have to spend some time on etsy... :)

Anonymous said...

Crtistina, you are a baaaaad influence. I am on a budget girl!
I love all these, darn it.
I can spend hours on Etsy so I try to refrain from even going there. Keep posting your finds though I love to see what others unearth.