Monday, February 18, 2008

All sorts of crafty goodness

So lately I've I'm been getting the bug to be crafty again, whether it's paper crafting, crocheting, looming, or drawing/painting. Also been wanting to break out my camera more often. I take this as a very good sign. I normally only want to creatively express myself when things are "on track" or I'm happy. I can honestly say, I'm happy.

I'm planning on posting my completed projects. I would post all my work in progress but there isn't enough cyberspace for them.

I was crocheting with a friend yesterday and I hopped from project to project. I started off by attempting to get a little further along on a granite colored scarf I started looming about 1.5 years ago, my sister has been waiting patiently. I then switched to a black beanie on another loom. Then to a brown and blue (earth & sky) scarf I was crocheting. I was about to hop to my fourth project a pastel (Buttercream Ombre) colored purse project, but decided that I should really concentrate on one project at a time. I went back to the black beanie and finished it off. Yippee! Yes, the beanie is black, but I had to tweak the contrast so that the details would show in the photo. That's what I get for using my cameraphone.

I also made my aforementioned friend a gift. I had seen Catherine Swan's paper butterfly works quite a number of months ago, then Ali mentioned her on her blog. It reminded me how much I loved them. So I gave it a try, but with the Martha Stewart heart craft punch instead. I really like the way it turned out. I think he did as well.

I've also tried my hand at drawing. I suck. Enough said about that. lol I'm going to keep at it though. I figure I can't get any worse, right?


Shelley E said...

wow you are busy! :) The beanie looks great....but I LOVE the hearts. I want one..was it hard? and what did you use for a punch? Martha Stewart?

Cristina said...

Thanks Shelley. I do really like the way the heart frame came out. The hardest part was aligning the hearts. After completing the project I was informed of an easier way to make sure they line up. Although, I don't think mine came out too shabby. I want to post some more photos. All the patterned paper came from the same package, something I picked up at Michael's, I can't recall the name. And yes, it is the Martha Stewart heart punch.

Anonymous said...


I love the beanie and I especially love the hearts. I am going to have to go get that punch now darn it! How do you line them up the easy way?
Let me know.'Love them!

Aimee said...

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