Friday, August 08, 2008

scrap supply giveaway

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***Pam you're the winner! :) Are you still on Silver Fox? If so, I have your addy, if not, email me please.***

I've been making every effort to clean up my scrap/craft "area". Well not necessarily "every" effort, but I have been trying. The problem with that is that I start to go through all my supplies and I become inspired to start creating, but I can't since it's supposed to be clean-up time. Ugh.

I recently gave away a large box of supplies, don't fret, they were older embellishments and paper, I knew I would never use. I'm going to start going through my newer supplies, and I know I'll have some more things to give away. I purchased a few things from Elle's Studio on Etsy, but I know I'll never use all of the tags, so the giveaway will include some of those as well.

Who's interested?

Simply leave me a comment on this post, include your contact info (email) if you do not have a blog. I'll pick the lucky recipient on Friday, August 8, 2008.


ellie said...

Glad you had a life fullfilling trip into the grand canyon. It's beautiful there. I haven't been in years. Your family does have very interesting names...but your Mom's I think wins the prize. I love Addison too...I kind of wish I'd heard that name before I named Madison..I would of went with Addison Rose instead.

Anonymous said...

Put my name in there girl! Cute stuff! Good idea to do a giveaway on the blog. I will have to try that too. Good luck to ME!

Shelley E said...

me! :) just what I need though, more stuff! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was just wondering about that Cristina. Yipee, I never win anything. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket!