Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I say I'm alive because there were a couple of times during our Grand Canyon experience where I thought I was going to die. Really. I did.

A few things I learned on this trip:
* It’s Kaibab, not kabob.
* Gizmo, my mule, is a grump, but a sure footed one at that.
* I now understand why it's called the the Hail Mary corner.
* Don't hand someone your camera as you're getting into a very slippery creek, especially if it has a video option. Although, a video of you slipping is better than a wet camera.
* When the mule wrangler tells you it's a grueling ride... It's a grueling ride.
* DUDE = deposition, uplift, downcut & erosion
* How to tell the difference between a California condor and a turkey vulture.
* I love the Grand Canyon.


Temeculamom said...

Cristina, I love your Grand Canyon photos. I can't believe you did the mule ride. Brave woman! So can you imbed the video here on the blog? ;) Much better to have a video of you slipping than a wet camera!

Anonymous said...

Awesome description of your experience. I have heard it can be a bit unnerving. You are a brave woman! Love that picture-beautiful, glad you got home safely!

Shelley E said...

wow- sounds great! :) You are brave...