Thursday, June 05, 2008

dental pain wimp and jewelry love

Geez. Who would have known I'm such a dental pain wimp. I feel like I'm constantly wincing from pain.

I ended up having my bottom two wisdom teeth, as well as an extra premolar extracted. Ouch. Pain wasn't too bad initially... Then the anesthetic wore off. It'll be a week tomorrow since they were extracted and the pain seems just as constant. Maybe not as severe, but just as constant.

Well, at least I no longer look like a chipmunk.

So what do dental wimps do to pass the time when they're supposed to be working? You guessed it! They go on Etsy. I swear, I should just hand over my paycheck to them and PayPal.

My favorite lastest finds:
"loved" sterling & quartz double strand bracelet
sterling & brass spinning ring
candy dot ring
aluminum spiral pendant
celtic budding spiral pendant
groovy flower pendant
spirals heart pendant
spring peepers bracelet
black pearl necklace

I need to stop. I want it all.

I need to stop. I need to stop. I need to stop.


Shelley E said...

i like all of the stuff you linked to...did you buy them all???? :)

Shelley E said...

oh and sorry about the dental pain...I hated when I had my wisdom teeth out...

Cristina said...

I wish I could buy them all! :) I'm planning on buying the spirals heart pendant. I guess I should go but it before someone else does. lol