Tuesday, April 29, 2008

JGHS Class of '88 Reunion

Yep. You read it right. Yours truly has to finally admit her age. ;-) Unless you're really bad at math, you've figured out my age, or something close to it. lol

I was contacted by a few close high school friends asking if I was interested in being on the reunion committee. I figured, why not? I was supposed to be on our 10yr committee, but had to back out of the commitment.

I attended my first meeting last week. We met at a restaurant in Norwalk. Well the meeting was relatively short, but our chatting and drinking lasted several hours... Well into the night. As a matter of fact, we, Jeanette and I, were asked to vacate the restaurant as they wanted to leave. lol We had a such a great time catching up. The time literally flew by. Then we went outside, and continued to chat. It was fun.

I'm excited now. I think it'll be fun to see everyone I lost contact with, even though I probably won't stay in contact with them after it's all said and done. Well except, for a few people.

Want an 80's flashback? Check out our prom friend's photo, from left to right Marina, myself, and Jeanette. I had to swipe the photo from Jeanette's MySpace page. :) Check out my prudish peach colored lace covered sack, I called a prom dress. OMG. And marvel at my updo, decorated with baby's breath. Although, I must admit I received many compliments on my hair that night. That was a very fun night. Wowza, memories I hadn't recalled in a number of years just came flooding back. Fun times.

What are some your prom memories?


Shelley E said...

LOL- love your picture! :) Isn't it fun to relive some of those memories? My prom night was so boring...my date-yuck. The best part of the whole day (of prom) is that a bunch of us girls drove out to Palm Springs to get tan and on the drive home the car broke down in Beaumont...a nice lady heard our plight and offered to drive 8 girls home to Tustin......so you can imagine how the rest of my night went, if that was my favorite part! :)

Cristina said...

Shelley, thanks for recounting that story. Ahhhh, those were the days!

pam said...

Oh my that's a flashback! I had to laugh. At least you don't have big hair like I did. Gotta love the corners snipped off the picture, I did the same thing in high school. what's with that?:)

ellie said...

ahhh, isn't it fun to relive those memories. The other night we were looking at my old yearbooks with my girls...they were like MOM! We have never seen you in bangs! I didn't get out the old scrapbooks with my proms and dates...I should. How fun you are planning your renunion..what HS did you go to?

Cristina said...

Pam - I totally did that too, unsure why though,. lol

Ellie - John Glen High School in Norwalk.

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